Depression in Counselling and Psychotherapy

see Depression is an emotional suffering, arousing feelings of hopelessness, despair, anxiety, isolation, dread, sorrow and doom. There is often a painful internal struggle that can plague a person’s internal world with a dark torment that removes all meaning and has the ability to push a person to the very brink of their own existence. Your suffering is personal, unique and can only be understood in the context of your lived experience.

The depth of your psychological distress and trauma is likely your best kept secret. You may say to yourself “to speak of my pain means I am weak” yet simultaneously the anguish of an internal silence scream may long to be heard and understood. The unheard scream situates the despairing self in an internal captivity that may lead to a position of withdrawal, isolation and lack of connection.   

In my counselling and psychotherapy practice I aim to offer a space where it is possible to think freely about suffering, re-connect with trauma and finally begin to express the unheard scream. My aim is to facilitate healing by freeing the imprisoned self.


Daniel Thomas-Wallis; M.Sc., B.Sc.

Existential Analytic Therapeutic Counsellor,  MBACP