Counselling For Depression and Anxiety

The Medical Model

In many professional context Depression and Anxiety are understood through a biomedical narrative that frames human emotion as pathological mental illness. Complex feelings of ‘sadness’, ‘fear’, ‘despair’ and ‘grief’ are viewed as abnormal responses and treated with medication to sedate feeling or therapeutic techniques that seek to change and restructure your thoughts or beliefs.

Depression as a Human Experience

Depression is a common and painful experience. It is often the realisations that something in our life has gone wrong. This agonising pain can become overwhelming and cause a period of social withdrawal and isolation because reaching out for help feels too risky. This may arouse confusing entrenched in complex feelings of anger, guilt, sadness, grief, fear, shame and despair. These panful feelings may highlight a serious discrepancy between what we thought our life was and what it actually is.

Counselling for Depression

My therapeutic approach is best described as ‘Existential Analytic”. I do not agree with the medicalisation of complex feelings. Our meetings will be an opportunity to reflect upon and explore the complexity of your emotions with regards to your unique history and current situation. This may include ‘trauma’, ‘anxiety’ ‘relationships’, ‘meaning’, ‘life purpose’, ‘love’, ‘death’, ‘freedom’, ‘isolation’, ‘power’, ‘sex’ and ‘sexual trauma’.

The therapeutic space may be used to acknowledge suffering, grieve losses and consider the future existence. I offer a place to talk about it, where suffering and turmoil can lead to insight, empowerment, problem solving, self-acceptance and a freedom to choose your own path and constructively manage your life experiences.

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